What we provide?

Eye checkup

We provide quality eye check up for customer satisfaction

Quality Specs

We provide high quality specs

Eye ware accessories

We provide all the eye ware accessories

Govt qualified optimist

We are government qualified optimist and opticians

Sun Glasses

We provide every brand in sun glasses at affordable price

Quality frames

We provide frames with good quality

Quality Lens

We provide high quality lens

Professional Service

We provide professional customer satisfactory service

About Us

Our founders

The Chennai Opticals was eatablished in the year 1971 by Mr R.VasanthaKumar and R.Ravi in the name "Ravi Kan Kannade Kadai" , their great efforts, technical skills made them fly higher

Now the second generation has taken care and made sure that they take it to the next level with loyal customer base and great customercare

Our Quality

We deliver each and every eyeware with high quality with the help of top class technological experts

Customer Satisfactory

Chennai opticals is the most awarded opticals outlet by customers.All our showrooms have vision clinic for precision vision testing and contact lens testing

Best vision for better living

At the chennai we have been changing constantly with time may it be with regard to our product service,vision testing and our soothing store interiors

Your favorite opticians

It has always been our constant effort to bring the best, we are focusing on both variety and quality, we are the best ever opticians in coimbatore market

Our Passion


Our Brands

Our Branches


ESI Hospital,Singanallur

Contact:0422-2422288 Whatsapp:9042404404

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